Double Bass Artist


Double bass performances

High standard double bass shows for events, launches, celebrations, campaigns, promotions – wherever you need something outstanding, different and memorable. Maybe make the audience curious about what the huge bowed double bass can do as solo instrument, or maybe let’s make it a duet or band? Choose the style to fit your occasion, classical, baroque, modern, ethnic, string pop, rock covers… Something spectacular combined with Pole Dance or just some cosy background as the perfect ice breaker?


Orchestras, bands, projects…

Double bass player or substitute for professional symphony orchestras, chamber orchestras, authentic baroque groups, all kinds of ensembles, theater and musical productions, all types of recordings and just for any project where a low end specialist is needed. Also electric bass guitar.


Mindfulness, relaxation, sound healing…

If you like bass sounds, you’ll love the idea of Deep Relaxing Sounds! It fits very well for yoga groups, mindfulness related events, for recreation and recovery. You’ll need a peaceful place and yoga mats, it can be in a yoga studio, at your work place or even in your living room. I and my double bass will take care of the rest!


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