It’s not possible to teach anyone anything. It’s only possible to arrange for someone to learn.


Learning double bass doesn’t require any specific age or musical background. My youngest student was 5 yrs old and oldest over 60 yrs when they started. It’s in many ways the perfect instrument to learn, already from the very first try you will get a nice decent sound that doesn’t really bother the neighbors. The double bass fits any musical genre and you really don’t need to make your level super high to be welcomed in an amateur orchestra or band.

There’s many different sizes of the double bass, and the most common for adults is four stringed 3/4 size. There’s small basses for any age of kids, starting from 1/16. Yes, they’re super small and super cute!!

My teaching is focused on creating sounds and melodies with the bow in first place. I play with German bow, but I can teach the French as well.



I teach any level of double bass playing. If you know some basics or have some background and you have some goals for your double bass skills, I will help you to get there. I’m proud to say that I have few students that made it into music university and became professional musicians!

Professional (DRS)

Deep Relaxing Sounds is a unique method of sound healing that I’ve been developing, studying and exploring for more than ten years. It’s not about specific playing techniques or songs, it’s all about finding and following your intuition and to understand physical laws about sound vibrations and resonance.


If you’re interested about my teaching, just CONTACT me and let’s make it happen 🙂

Kontrabassonsoiton opetusta toki myös suomeksi

Kontrabasundervisning även på svenska

– Henrica Fagerlund

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